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nail-art-1When you complete your nail technician education, you may be wondering what the next step should be in your career. Should you apply to various nail salons? Should you become a mobile technician? Could you even start up your own business with so little experience?

Here you will find out what it takes to be a mobile technician. Hopefully this will give you a better idea of what career path would be better for you.

The Advantages

There are many advantages to being a mobile technician. The first is that you get to work whenever you want to. You are not governed by a set routine and if you need to work flexible hours it is not a problem.

Another advantage is that the start up costs for running a mobile nail technician business is quite low. You only need to purchase the equipment and a satisfactory vehicle to carry your equipment as well as yourself in. If you were to hire out business premises then it could be quite expensive. Not only would you have the rent to worry about, but you would also need to pay utility bills and tax. Mobile technicians simply worry about the fuel and the cost of equipment and that is basically it.

You also don’t need any experience to become a mobile technician. You need qualifications, but as you are working for yourself you do not have to prove to anyone what you can do. As long as you have faith that you can do some services really well, then you can provide a good service to your clients.

The Disadvantages

One of the main disadvantages that comes with being a mobile technician is that you are working for yourself and that does come with many responsibilities.

Firstly you have to ensure that you understand your obligations as a self employed person. You can get more information from the Inland Revenue about tax obligations and how to properly set up a business. You should also consider insurance in case you are ever ill as you will not be paid sick pay.

One thing that you could potentially find is that you do not make enough income to pay your bills one month. This will mainly come from not advertising correctly or providing the right services. A lot of thought needs to go into what your clients want and what they are willing to pay for. Advertise in a number of different ways and monitor how effective each method is over time. If one method isn’t working for you then stop doing it. You need to advertise and market your business in order to gain new clients.

Overall working as a mobile technician can be exciting and potentially financially rewarding too. However, a lot of thought does need to go into the services you will offer, the insurance that you will need and any costs that you will need to pay. If you follow this advice you have the best chance of succeeding in your mobile technician career.