Three Nail Art Techniques that You Should Know

Posted on: July 17, 2009

Out of the many recent and forward-thinking tools now obtainable to workers in the nail care industry, there are three that really excell above everything else available.  These are known as Konad Nail Art, Ceramic Nail Art and Nail Art Decals. As you read through this article, you will have the opportunity to learn a little something about each of these these wonderful tools.

Ceramic Nail Art

Recently, Ceramic Nail Art Canes have taken the nail care industry by surprise. Ceramic Nail Art Canes are tiny canes made out of ceramic wrought in the figure of various natural wonders.

  • Flowers
  • Natural Fruits
  • Shapes
  • Insects
  • Candies

Also known as Fimo Art Canes, these productions are all hand made. When you buy nail art canes from the “Viva La Nails” online shop you will also benefit from a tight quality control process by which only the finest products come into contact with the consumer.

To be able to cut slices from these canes, you will need a special, and very sharp, knife. Although they are most highly recommended for use on artificial nails, nail art cane slices are also functional for work on natural nails when they are cut into razor thin slices.

Konad Nail Art

Another nail art technique that is becoming very popular is the Konad Nail Art stamping system, a collection of nail art tools which lets you stamp ready made nail art figures onto your client’s nail surface. Konad uses state of the art technology in order to make this possible. (Click Here for Konad Videos)

The essential piece of the Konad stamping system is a special image plate etched with an assortment of fine shapes. To use Konad, the nail technician paints on a special Konad coloured nail polish to the plate and then transports the ensuing design onto the nail surface with a special stamping instrument.

In the end, you wind up with a great design that took hardly any effort! If you need to really impress you clients with a new technique, this might turn out to be the perfect choice.

Just make sure that you purchase only real Konad products. Many companies currently issue ingenuine Konad tools that consistently fail to match Konad standards. If you want to know for sure that you are receiving real Konad products, you might decide to purchase them from “Viva La Nails” where only genuine Konad products are sold.

Water Decals

This brings us to the final of our three greatest nail art products for 2009.

When it comes to immediately accessible nail art tools, Water Decals near the top. You will be able to find an exclusive assemblage of these decals at the “Viva-La-Nails” online shop.

Not only is this a quite easy technique, it is very cost effective as well! Decals are also great to use as a compliment to other techniques. Try making designs exploiting Water Decals, Konad and Ceramic Nail Art all on the same set of nails! Who’s stopping you?

Anyone can utilize water decals. The primary step is to soak the decal with water or moisten it with a cotton swab. Next gently massage the back of the transfer in order to remove it from the backing. Then, remove the transfer with an orange stick or with your thumb. Finally, all you have to do is arrange the pattern on the nail surface and you’re done!


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